Too busy to market your own agency?

End-to-end content marketing for agencies that want to market their own brand more but always seem to be busy meeting with clients, leading the team, and putting out fires.

Folks we've worked with

Chris Dreyer, founder of sitting in a chair for a photo shoot.
"Traffic and leads keep growing and I don't have to waste time checking their work. They see the big picture and can execute it too."

Chris Dreyer



Unlock growth for your agency with a full-stack content engine

  • Marketing strategy that supports your business strategy

  • Legendary website content engineered to rank and convert

  • Podcast production and promotion

  • Thought leadership to create demand on dark social


Uniquely position yourself to win

Are you confident in your current business strategy? Getting it right is key if you want alignment across marketing, sales, and operations. We'll work with you one-on-one to develop a business strategy built to win.


Create the podcast your customers will love

Finally launch that podcast you've been dreaming about. Build trust and authority with your market and forge the nexus of your content engine. We'll handle the logistics and production, you just have to show up and be the star.


Build your personal brand on dark social

Stop stressing over what topics to write about and beating yourself up when you aren't consistent. We'll handle everything from writing to commenting to build your personal brand.


Expert-led content to capture demand

Content falls into one of three grades: it's either fucking legendary, kinda okay, or it sucks. We don't believe in sucking and won't settle for mediocre. Neither should you. Get the kind of content your competitor's can't copy and freelancers can't vomit.

What our customers has to say

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"I love their attention to detail and how they're always thinking about how to beat my competition just as much as I am."

Chris Dreyer


"Working with Ardent Growth has been phenomenal. They dive into your business model, create growth goals, and deliver tangible results."

Sam Yadegar


"Turns out SEO doesn't have to take time. 20 minutes of work added 6 figures of net new revenue for us in the first 30 days alone."

Cody West

Head of Growth, Scribe Media

"Figuring out how to properly organize things on a large content-driven website felt impossible. Ardent made it a breeze."

Brendan Hufford

Growth, ActiveCampaign

"The time-savings here makes the data we purchased worth it's weight in gold. The value that Ardent Growth is putting out here really can't be understated."

Vincent D'Eletto

Founder, WordAgents

"Even our ad agency was impressed. They couldn't believe how quickly Ardent grew our organic traffic on a brand new site."

Klaus Kleinfeld


Unsure? Get a prioritized list of quick wins for your agency.

Rank higher for topics that'll generate leads and revenue for your agency. Know exactly where you should focus first to get the best results in the least amount of time.

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